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Access your software anywhere in the world through your Internet Browser on any platform.

Known as Computing In The Cloud and Software As A Service (SaaS)

CEO Services will guide you through the signup, setup, and on-going maintenence of your Application Hosting Solutions.

We are Value Added Resellers or Affiliates of the two best known and utilized Application Hosting Services.



Your Computing Utility Company.

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InsynQ Application Hosting

    InsynQ-Application Hosting For Professionals CPAAsp
(Solutions for business owners and acounting professionals)

Right Networks

Right Networks is the leading provider of hosting of the most popular small business accounting applications.

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Right Networks Application Hosting
    Right Networks QuickBooks Hosting



Customizable Web Apps for QuickBooks

Mirror QuickBooks using Method Integration's online software solution.

Expand QuickBook's capabilities by addting tables and fields.

Create your own customized online free form database in the cloud that synchronizes real time with QuickBooks.


Method Integration

CEO Services is a Method Certified Consultant, a Method Certified Account Manager, and Method Value Added Reseller.

Method is a free form database, housed in the cloud, that has turnkey integration with both QuickBooks and Microsoft Outlook.

Method is the only do-it-yourself web-based management system that has patent-pending QuickBooks integration built-in at the ground floor. Not only can you customize your own system from head-to-toe, but you will experience a smooth high-speed web interface, and real-time QuickBooks integration unlike anything you have ever seen.

With Method Integration Onlilne Software in theory you could delete all of the existing screens, tabs, roles, tables and fields and begin building your own application from the ground up, and/or you can create your own customized database in the cloud that synchronizes to QuickBooks or anyother software that allows Application Programming Interface access (API).

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Method Integration Solutions

Finally, there's an Executive Dashboard for the rest of us. With, you can see high level data at mom and pop pricing. Get the Executive Dashboards corporations spend hundred of thousands of dollars to create for less than $75/month.

webKPI -The Gateway To Your Data

webKPI tools, including budget development and analysis, financial and operations analysis and financial benchmarking, will utilize Bitam’s dynamic business intelligence engine to allow executives and management teams to quickly drill into the financial and operational details of their business and base decisions on the timely analysis of current

webKPI provides business intelligence reporting at your fingertips, quickly and easily turning accounting and operations information into business insight.

In addition to small and medium-sized businesses, webKPI’s Business Intelligence Dashboards, financial analytics and Benchmarking & Valuation solutions are used by CPA firms, bookkeeping services, tax preparers, business coaches and their clients as an effective way to communicate business metrics across all industries and markets. webKPI is easy to implement and very cost effective, with support for unlimited users provided at no additional cost.


Executive Dashboard

Customizable Dashboards

Industry Benchmarking

Budgeting (Additional Monthly Fee)


While its easy to Export & Import Lists from QuickBooks, it's currently impossible to Export & Import QuickBooks Transactions without utilizing a 3rd Party Product.

CEO Services utilizes the leading 3rd Party Products
such as QODBC and ODBC from FlexQuarters, MS Query, and other methods
in order to move your transactions in and out of QuickBooks.


Bay State Consutling

Products for Exchanging Transaction Data with QuickBooks.

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Transaction Pro Export
Export Transactions or Lists into QuickBooks to Excel.


Transaction Pro Export QB Online
Export Transactions from QuickBooks Online Edition to Excel.

    Transaction Pro Import
Import Transactions or Lists into QuickBooks from Excel, Databases, or Text Files.
    Transaction Pro Import for QB Online
Import Transactions or Lists into QuickBooks Online Edition from any Excel or Text File.

Sometimes you need to share files with your team, or even be able to store files on the web and gain access to your files and documents anytime anywhere.

With File & Document sharing software such as SmartVault you can:

  • Share & Store Your Content Such as Files, Documents, PowerPoint Presentations etc.
  • Access Documents Anytime Anywhere
  • Exchange Files & Documents Easily & Securely
  • Plug into Popular Applications Such As QuickBooks
  • Have Seamless Integration With Your Scanner
  • Support Moving Your Office To Using Less Paper
  • Collaboration In The Cloud

The Smartest Way To Store And Share Your Documents provides an intuitive Web-based solution that allows users to store, access, and share documents easily and securely. Documents can be accessed and shared anytime, anywhere from a Web browser or Web-enabled mobile device and there is no new hardware to install or configure.

Enjoy the benefits of a collaborative document mangement system.

Increase efficiencies and save valuable time and money.

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CEO Services is an Affiliate of SmartVault™.

Share Files & Docments Anywhere Anytime With Yourself, Your Clients, or With Your Team.

Also great for Accountants, Bookkeepers, CPA's, Enrolled Agents, or any profession that manages multiple clients.

Use to pay bills online

Your business finances. Organized and under control. streamlines and automates vendor bill payment and customer invoicing. You get a complete web-based "financial office" to organize your day-to-day finances and optimize cash flow.

Everything you, your employees, and your accountant need to manage your business — the documents, workflow, payment processing, invoicing, and collections — are available at your fingertips. Anytime. Anywhere.

By replacing time-consuming paper-based processes, is helping small and mid-sized businesses and their accountants save over half of the time and cost of paying vendors and gets them paid 2-3 times faster.

Safe and Secure: uses bank-level encryption and is always backed up.

Organized: gives you access to all your financial documents, bills, invoices and transactions from any web browser or mobile device.

Simple: easily pay any vendor, large or small and invoice customers online.

Efficient: eliminate data entry, streamline vendor management and receive customer payments directly into your bank account.

Mobile: works with any computer or mobile device.

Collaborative: connects you to your colleagues, customers, vendors and accountants.

Strategic: improve cash flow and automate Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable processes.

Complete: Syncs with Intuit QuickBooks, Intacct, Sage Peachtree, NetSuite and other accounting packages.

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CEO Services is a Value Added Reseller or Affiliate for the top three payroll services in the world.


The Business Behind Business®

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Intuit Payroll Services

Intuit Paryoll Services is America's #1 Paryoll Provider.
(Larger than ADP & Paychex combined)

Intuit is ranked as the 3rd Most Admired Company In The World For Computer Software by Fortune Magazine 2010.

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Paychex Payroll, Human Resources, and Employee Benefits Soltuions

Paychex, Inc. is a recognized leader in the payroll and human resource industry, serving over a half million businesses nationwide.

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Xpanded Reports is a QuickBooks (or Fishbowl) reporting tool. You can create and customize QuickBooks reports in ways that are impossible using QuickBooks alone.

Xpanded Reports offers tools to sort, group, subtotal, create pivot tables and insert formulas directly into reports.

XpandedReports for QuickBooks
XpandedReports takes QuickBooks type reports to a whole new level. It is now possible to add the data and change the layout to create the reports you want and need without any complicated new tools or expensive software products to learn.

XpandedReports Product Details

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XpandedReports for QuickBooks

Download Xpanded Reports Free Trial

Download the free trial and when switching the free trial to the full product upon purchase enter "CEO Services" as the Affiliate Code.


Virtual Sofware's Time & Billing Online System

Virtual Software’s Time+Expense solution provides small-to-medium size business with an efficient web-based time and expense platform that meets their demands for ease of use, configurability, and accounting package integration. Virtual Software is an Intuit QuickBooks Gold Partner and Peachtree Third-Party Add-On Partner. Virtual Time+Expense is also compatible with other service providers such as ADP and Paychex.

Virtual Time & Expense
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Ingram Micro

Intuit Products & Services



Radical Viewer by Guassoft

WebKPI (Executive Dashboard & Key Performance Indicators)

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