Why Choose CEO Services to Keep Your Business' Books

As a business person who built his former database company into an nationally recognized organization, CEO Services owner David Gutierrez used QuickBooks to manage 20 full-time employees and 20 contractors.

David's first-hand experience with QuickBooks as a business owner lets him focus CEO Services' bookkeeping work on tasks that provide useful information to key management personnel.

Data is not information. Numbers in columns in a financial report don't tell what's going on in a business.

David's real-world, real business experience lets him and the other financial professionals at CEO Services focus on providing information that tells you about your business.

Bookkeeping Consulting Services

Bookkeeping and Financial Services for San Francisco

A professional bookkeeping provides the financial back-office support that business owners focus on their firm's operation.

CEO Services' bookkeeping and financial support prepares reports that tell you how your business is doing and what areas you need to look at more closely.

Bookkeeping and financial services include:

  • QuickBooks data entry
  • Check preparation
  • Financial statement generation including Income Statements, Balance Sheet, and General Ledger
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Custom Reports

Professional Bookkeepers Using Professional Tools

Each member of CEO Services bookkeeping team is a fully-qualified, professional, independent bookkeeper.

Bookkeeping professionals from CEO ServicesCEO Services' owner Dave Gutierrez works with these professionals to learn their special areas of expertise and passion. He carefully matches CEO Services' clients with the appropriate bookkeeping pro based on schedule needs and skills needed.

Your business will be served by a qualified bookkeeper who has exactly the right knowledge, experience, and availability to get your the information you need.

Your Financial Support Team

CEO Service bookkeepers work with other CEO Service professionals to help prepare tax documents and reports, establish financial system, and to provide one-stop support for your business.

Some bookkeepers are also qualified as tax preparers and enrolled agents, while others have certified to provide QuickBooks consulting services. Other bookkeeping professionals focus solely on traditional bookkeeping tasks and are complemented by other professionals when different skills are needed.

Whatever your business needs, CEO Services is the one call to make for qualified professionals.