About The Founder

David Gutierrez

David Gutierrez

David, is a life-long entrepreneur, and so he knows how businesses run.
In 1986, he started Data Base Technologies, Inc. dba: Data Base Designs, and built his company into a nationally recognized firm with a worldwide client base. He and his team of 20 full-time employees and 20 sub-contractors, worked with hundreds of industries from mom and pop shops to some of the largest Fortune 50 companies and they delivered customized databases which helped to efficiently run the core of most of their customer’s businesses.

Since 2005, CEO Services has been delivering QuickBooks and Related Technologies solutions. Solutions which focus on what businesses really need in order to keep their businesses financially healthy and prospering.

Our Team

Being a small consulting firm, means that you get individualized attention.

We’re not a firm who is trying to go and get as many customers as we can. We come from the standpoint that as a mature business with a long-term and loyal customer base, this allows us the opportunity to concentrate on giving you our best.

We are a firm that grows slow and steady and able to manage our growth. This means that you are assured we don’t take too much on and so you get the attention you deserve.

In order to help manage our growth, we’ve developed business relationships with some of the best talent in the area and around the nation. By teaming up with other independent professionals we are able to manage our growth, and therefore we provide to you the solutions you need when you need them.